Yes, it has actually happened, someone has genuinely given up their full-time job as a Graphic Designer to become a full-time Pokémon trainer. 

The first thing that springs to mind here, is the lifespan of a craze like Pokémon and the second thing is exactly how one survives in life on a Pokémon Trainer salary, which I presume is no more than the odd Pokéball here and there, a collection of rare Pokémon and maybe a sprinkling of stardust if you're feeling super lucky.

There have been hoards of articles on how Pokémon Go is proving to be a huge success for local businesses and landmarks, not to mention tourism, for example, London's Big Ben, Covent Garden and the London Eye are all Pokémon Gyms. It's a fantastic marketing tool - something you will realise if you've experienced the app. Not that I should admit to this because I am not traditionally a 'gamer' in any sense of the word, but growing up in the 90's with my own precious set of Pokémon cards and enjoying the TV programme, I was naturally curious about what the app entailed so I downloaded it. My closest PokéStop is my local church. If a game like Pokémon Go can encourage children and adults alike to venture to locations they wouldn't typically frequent on a day-to-day basis, it's at least doing something right, even if they are exploring through the help of a little augmented reality.

Quitting your (pretty damn good) full-time job to devote your life in the short-term to a mobile phone app is pretty extreme. Syed has said that he will be documenting his journey via Facebook and Youtube - both of which are known to bring financial reward if your following is strong enough - so perhaps he's found a niche for himself. Who knows? 

Check out this article on Syed here. Word on the grapevine is that he's not the only one as well. What do you think about Pokémon Go Trainer as the sparkling new career move of the decade?