Dave Brailsford transformed English Cycling so much so that we are now looking at 4 English Tour de France winners in the last 5 years. Trevor Bayliss took over the England Cricket team after a miserable World Cup and completely turned the side around. Plus Eddie Jones has done the same with English Rugby. Each of these turnarounds has been completed within a phenomenally short period of time and with the same athletes at their predecessors disposal. 

I really like the idea of utilising psychologists within the workplace. We are complicated beings, and being able to tap into our individual psyche is generally extremely difficult, especially at work where most of us put up a professional front and find it hard to let our guard down.

The sporting analogy shows that mentally getting the most out of your people and better understanding their mindset can be hugely influential on performance. In the future I could definitely see more and more firms investing in on site Psychologists specific to their industry sector. Surely at the bare minimum attrition rates would reduce in the long term. If it works for sports teams then surely this could work in the business world.

Now can someone call the English Football Association please...