As a story emerges of yet another resignation in order to catch all the Pokémon, it's really got me thinking (I've clearly got Pokémon on the brain) about a new trend in fun-employment - the term traditionally coined by traveller-type 20-somethings transitioning between jobs/countries and enjoying their enviably absent fear of the unknown. 

It's every gamer's dream to devote their lives to, well, their games. Add in a diehard Pokémon fan and you've got unemployment heaven right? Who needs money when you've got 91 out of a possible 151 Pokémon, and you're so deeply absorbed in AR that you're blissfully oblivious to the ever-present and unfortunately devastating hardships of the real world.

Could this be the future of the unemployed? So obsessed and addicted to augmented reality that they may as well make it their reality?