A recent day trip to sunny Manchester (it actually was sunny) afforded me the chance to have a look around the bustling city.  And it's all very impressive, with notable regeneration since the last time I visited in 2015.

I was 'up north' dropping in on three of my favourite recruitment consultancies, Network Marketing, Adam and The Candidate and I took the opportunity to ask them about the digital revolution sweeping in from London.  Was Manchester really a credible rival to our capital?

Well, according to my industry protagonists, it very much is.  Swathes of local government investment is regenerating not only the community but the digital landscape, too.

But there's a dilemma: how to attract the best digital talent from London to the north west.  Many southern-city folk have already up-sticks and left for fresher fields but hesitance amoung others remains. Allo reasons are subjective, of course, but here's a couple of points to note:

  • Pay parity is almost there, meaning more bang for your buck
  • Manchester is a properly vibrant city these days, hugely cosmopolitan and welcoming
  • Digital is on the rise, big time. Investment is palpable and a revolution is taking place

With seemingly no Brexit fallout, my recruitment friends are enjoying a sustained period of growth in their respective worlds and it can only bre a matter of time before Manchester is competing with London for the best digital marketing talent.

Here's a selection of marketing/digital roles in Manchester