As old debates go, who 'owns' what is up there, but having seen it rehashed from Julia Doherty - a respected source - I gave the matter some time.

The fact is, for recruiters, LinkedIn is now just another cog in an ever-expanind wheel of networks and contacts.  LinkedIn remains the preeminent resourcing tool for the recruitment fraternity but it is a dying force.  'Contacts' are not true contacts, they are merely a list of names associated to a platform that isn't even really owned by the individual, let alone your organisation.  LinkedIn could switch you off tomorrow!  For those that rely on LinkedIn to pay their mortgage this is a scary thought.

So why get hung up on who owns your contacts? Import those connections into your own network, you know, the network that is actually, truly, yours.

LinkedIn is fading.  Only lazy recruiters rely on it and their contacts mean nothing.