The emoji has gone from strength to strength in the fascinating world of social media, and truth be told, I'm not 100% sure what many of us would now do without them! Let's take a look back in time shall we? 

Originating in Japan in the early 1990's (I know what you're thinking..'what the shiz, did we even have phones in the early 90's?) but to be honest, it's hardly an inspiring story so let's not go there. Slowly but surely, the emoji became a recognised form of communication - a language in its own right. The language of the visual emotion. Remember when MSN added emojis to their messenger offering? I do. I didn't like them though. They were big, bulky and irritating to use. I preferred my :/ or my :-) or my ;-) if I was feeling super cheeky that day (after school in the hour of internet access my parents would permit me). 

Anyhow, it's only in recent years that the emoji has become ever such a big part of our lives, with Oxford Dictionaries last year naming 😂 (Face With Tears of Joy) its WORD of the year. WORD. That emoticon is now a word it's used that much. It's the most popular emoji across the entire World and it's revolutionary actually, because it completely obliterates every language barrier imaginable. For example, say you're a fluent, native English speaker and you  bump into a native Mandarin speaker in a cafe in, say, I don't know, Nebraska. You're on a little trip, having a wander round the shops, and you think, ah, I need a coffee. You queue up in the cafe and it's just you and your new, Mandarin speaking friend. Low and behold you're a dollar SHORT. It's a horrifying moment for everyone involved. You're stressed. You're sweating. It's starting to get shapey for all the wrong reasons. You turn to Mr Mandarin and you try and explain your situation but he is having none of it! He doesn't understand you and now you're really panicking. But ah ha, see what we have here, a phone with an emoji enabled keyboard. BOOM. Money. Distressed face. Crying face. Angel face. DONE. Thumbs up. Mr Mandarin completely gets you, you've got your dollar, you've had a cuddle and you're on your merry way! 

Like I said. Revolutionary. Check out this article on emoji etiquette: