An outstanding employer branding exercise by BBH, this video is RIGHT up my street and backing onto my drive! Actually, it's virtually popped inside for a cuppa and a sweet rich tea, legs up on my sofa with a bit of James Corden's Carpool Karaoke, that's how far up my street it is. Housemates. Mates. Friends. Best mates. Family? 

From the second I started watching this video, I got goosebumps and instantly developed an affinity to it. That's powerful marketing. BBH have completely and utterly harnessed their workplace culture, aided by what's clearly a deep understanding of their workforce and a crystal goal as to the type of candidates they're looking to attract. Black sheep. 

Talk about emotional marketing - I actually could have a shed a tear and I'm not just being sarcastic or over-dramatic (typical Loz they'll all say!). We shouldn't expect any less from an agency like BBH, but what a way to deliver your employer brand message? Creative agency or not, it's bloody brilliant. To all of the in-house recruiters who ask us about employer branding, watch this. It might make your employer branding efforts look like the last mouldy carrot in the pack, but for inspiration it gets an A*. This is one of the best videos of its nature I've seen to date and I have seen A LOT. Not only is this perfectly aligned to their brand message, it's current, quick fire and it undeniably screams their tone of voice. Watch it once and you will totally get them. Unless you're just normal. But normal's boring anyway...right?