Having worked in the job board industry for quite a number of years now, I have seen some really good job adverts and some absolutely awful ones, but by and  large, companies get them so wrong. I feel that when a job advert is being created, the hiring manager or the In-House recruiter does not put themselves in the candidates shoes and understand how the advert might look to them.

So many times have I seen job adverts that are so long you could wrap them round the earth....twice! On the flip side I also see adverts that are so brief and vague that I do not quite understand what the role is - so how will a candidate understand? Additionally I see adverts that talk about the company for 80% of the advert and only talk about the role for 20% of it. These types of adverts in my experience lead to low views and applications.

There is of course a sweet spot for job adverts and every recruiter in the land will have their own take on what that is, but i came across this article on Recruitment Buzz written by Rachel Jones which gives a very good basis for how job adverts should be put together to make them as attractive as possible.

Have a read, I think this could certainly be of use!