Simon and Craig touched on the digital industry up North last week, HOWEVER, as a Northerner myself, it fills me with pride to come across articles like this one, direct from the government, and to see statistical evidence of positive transformation happening for the northern economy. 

For a long time, there's been this sense of 'there's not as much opportunity up North as there is down South' but this frame of mind simply does not ring true anymore. It shouldn't have existed in the first place! Look at Manchester's booming Digital industry, Financial Services in Leeds and Hull, the UK City of Culture. Employment in the Northern Powerhouse is at a record high, and for two years now unemployment has been falling faster in the North than it has in the South! It's exciting times for both the larger Northern hubs and the sparser rural communities that compliment them. With the government's aim to balance out the economy in the long-term, employment is set to rise even further with the creation of new jobs, giving locals in the North a stronger, more sustainable economic future where the sky really is the limit.  

What are your predictions for the future of the Northern Powerhouse? I strongly believe that the gaps in both perception and opportunity will continue to close.

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