As if this piece of kit has only just come into development? In all honesty, if a business is that precious about qualifications, its recruiters should be making the effort to follow up on qualifications properly and thoroughly. It's kind of a no-brainer. Yes it takes time and everyone is constantly moaning about time, but if you're classing someone's qualifications as a deal-breaker for a role within your business, you need to take that one on the chin. Harsh truths. 

So, do you lie on your CV? Funnily enough, whenever I've had this conversation with colleagues, family and friends, it tends to be the older generation that fabricates their qualifications slightly (or in some cases, fabricate the entire lot). 

Now, are they actually worse for it, or does the younger generation just conceal their heinous schemes? Probably the latter. Why lie though?

Personally, I think that recruiting people based on the qualifications they achieved at the age of 16, 18 and into higher education is incredibly limiting. What about people who were a bit loose at school (probably the wrong word to use here but I like it so it's staying)? Some of the most intelligent, creative people I know now were far too distracted at school to actually sit and revise for exams, plus, I'm fairly sure most exams are simply tests of memory now aren't they? They definitely were when I was at school. Here, take this textbook, read it, remember it, regurgitate it all on paper for roughly 2 hours, A*. Since when was memory a basis for intelligence? Oh yeah, since the education system said so, yes! Whilst intelligence and memory have a strong correlation, it's still not necessarily a good indicator of intelligence. Working memory in particular, can be affected by all kinds of external influences. Stress, for example, has a huge effect on working memory and can actually give a false impression of an individual’s intelligence or lack of intelligence. Aren't exams pretty stressful? This is an article in itself #TANGENT

Anyway, lying on your CV, don't do it. Read this article for more info: