Really good to see one of the UK's biggest firms taking some serious action when it comes to their recruitment process.

I am hopeful that this will spark a trend in making the recruitment process much more streamlined, efficient and quick. All too often do I hear about extremely long, unnecessary and excessive recruitment processes from candidates which ultimately cause them to take jobs elsewhere.

In my opinion, and I am sure many people in the industry will agree, companies like KPMG more than likely have a high candidate drop-off right at the start of the recruitment process as many job application tracking systems (ATS) are built for the clients needs rather than the candidates. If they were built with the candidate experience in mind, many large companies would find a much better quality of candidate more often.

It is 2016 and candidates will not wait around or be forced to jump through too many hoops. Will be interesting to see which other big UK companies take note and look at their own processes and systems.