So today is the best day of the year, because it is in fact MY BIRTHDAY! And yes, this article is purely just an excuse to talk about the fact that it's my birthday. Call the police? 

I'm at work today, but it's really not all as bad as you might think. I love work on my birthday! I mean, it helps if you actually like coming to work. OBVS. They've bought me loads of lovely presents, got me a cake, signed a card, coffees on tap and I'll (unfortunately) get a birthday shot of tequila at lunchtime, where we will all be out together to celebrate like one great big happy family of weirdos. 

It's just such a nice way to spend the day, especially when your birthday is on a Wednesday. Surprisingly, I've never been big on celebrating it either, so I wouldn't just waste a day's holiday on it. So here I am! 

I came across this article for some work birthday inspo. One of the points that really stood out for me was the notion of ignoring your employees birthdays and instead, celebrating their 'work anniversary'. Well here, we get both! Just another reason to absolutely love where I work. 

What does your office do for you on your birthday then?