For me, the answer is an empathic 'yes'!

From now on my meetings will last a max of 30 minutes.  Generally meetings don't need to be longer.  I know my product, my services, my stuff and I'm pretty decent at grasping my compatriate's, too.  And if I've done my research before the meeting, I don't need to waste time asking pointless questions that I really ought to know anyway.  Too much waffle.

I don't really care about your weekend, your dog or what you're doing tonight, either, so that's more time saved.  And you're not truly fussed whether my journey was okay and if I'd experienced any issues with Jubilee Line.  And, yes, I did get soaked - you can see that, it's pissing it down out there!  More waffle.

So, let's just cut to the chase: here's me, there's you, we both want to help each other - that's why we're meeting in the first place, right - so crack on.  30 mins, max.  Probably 25.

We'll save the time for when business is done and we're meeting at 3pm for beers in the Dog & Duck.