I absolutely adore coming across positive articles like this one! Who says your career has to end after retirement? NO ONE. These two lovely ladies are living proof. 

It is a known fact that life expectancy is on the rise, more so than ever before. According to various nuggets of research, someone my age (twenty-something) can expect to live until they are around 82 years old. That's just an average. The 90's and into the 100's are on the increase, with 1/3 of babies born in 2013 expected to become a Centenarian. With the absence of an official retirement age, you can pretty much do whatever you like, well into your old age. 

Perhaps you retire from your lifelong career and think "Ooo I quite fancy doing something else now". Ever seen the film, 'The Intern'? 

When I put myself into the shoes of my 65-70 year-old self, a whole array of colourful, outlandish and potentially paradoxical ideas come to mind. I'm not exactly a wallflower now, so I imagine at the age of 70 I'll be equally as c-c-craaaaazy (if not worse). I reckon I've got the propensity to join a travelling circus. Can't do acrobatics but I could babysit the animals at night. At least I'd get to watch the shows for free. Witness a few blunders. Or maybe I'll start a Granny scooter club that has a strict, dress-like-you're-twenty dress code. It would definitely be worth a photo at the very least. Perhaps I'll stay true to my roots and start a Granny blog! 

I don't know. Whatever it is, these women are complete inspirations to the human race. In a world where SO many young women aspire to marry rich so they can be lazy for a living  (I know a few women like this. We're not close) it is great to see what passionate people choose to do with their lives long into their older years. Why should your aspirations cease to exist post-65?