I thought this article by corporaterewards.co.uk was quite relevant considering the new movie is soon to be upon us. Having watched 'The Office' dozens of times, I actually feel that I would have thrived under the management of David Brent, the chilled out entertainer approach completely does it for me. I can confirm, however, that I am actually lucky enough to be managed by someone who is of that ilk and he does manage to get the best out of his staff.

I have also worked under people more like Gareth Keenan who are, in my opinion ,not good for any business. They stunt progression, bring the office atmosphere down and ultimately reduce output as they make people unhappy.

Whilst everyone has a preferred style of manager, I think we can all agree that David Brent is a trier, forever wanting to keep his staff happy albeit not always in the right way but his heart is in the right place.

What are your thoughts on David Brent? Would his management style suit how you work and get the best out of you?

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