Everyone is always banging on about company culture, and how theirs is so great and why it's so much better than everyone else's. But company culture is so much more than simply being 'pals' with everyone in the office. 

Yes creating an environment where everyone gets on is brilliant, but to have a really strong company culture you need to touch all bases not just one. 

One mistake many companies make is their complete disregard for progression planning and financial reward. How can business owners expect people to stay with them without any thought for their employees' career progression? 

What about a pay rise? Yes money isn't everything, but I bet you can't name 5 people that are on the same salary they started out with and are actually HAPPY about it? 

As people move through life they find they naturally need that financial progression. They might be having children, getting married or buying a house...it's pretty hard to do any of those things without a decent chunk of money. Any business who doesn't think about or offers this, then wonders why people leave, don't need to look very far. If you're happy with the people you've got, you need to reward that talent. If you truly want to see longevity in your workforce, you need to invest. Not just in one person, or two people, but in the best talent you've got. If you don't, you'll find your workforce continues in short cycles. Hi - bye - hi - bye. 

This is just one point of course. This article has seven. SEVEN. If that's not food for thought I don't know what is...