The former Tory Education Secretary, Lord Baker, said that 20 years ago, a strong academic degree was a 'set up for life', with most degree-holders expected to fall into financially stable careers, leading to strong middle-management and senior positions. However, he now believes that university degrees are being pushed aside in favour of apprenticeships as the value of the degree becomes slightly hazier than in previous years, and I completely GET IT! 

When I went to university, the fees were a third of what they are now and virtually anyone could go to university and get a degree. It was actually more unusual for sixth former's to discard the university route when I was at school. Those students stood out because they weren't off to spend 3 years racking up considerable debt, getting 'mortal' on Snakebites and still managing to obtain that 2:1 thanks to a groundbreaking combination of Redbull and 24-hour libraries. Instead, they were embarking on real-life work. Paid jobs. Internships and apprenticeships. Surely it makes sense that when you have an abundance of something, the value doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to figure that one out. 

 Check out the article to see what Lord Baker has to say. I know it's the Mail Online (shoot me) but it's actually a really good, poignant read: