And yes, these are real ones. That I found by myself. So I thought I'd share it here because, you know, it's a laugh, it's Wednesday, I survived a horrendous trip to the dentist yesterday to get moulds taken. I'm feeling good! Anyone who has ever had a mould taken at the dentist will know how traumatising an experience it can be. 

So, in honour of my bravery, and everything that I've been through in the lead up to my horrific ordeal, I have created this lovely little article which is all about company perks. 

Perks can be a huge selling point for businesses, particularly smaller, lesser known ones, and they really do serve as a great talent attraction tool. Perks aren't just about being extravagant. It's the small things that businesses do that make all the difference. Things as simple as Christmas off for free or weekly 'fun hours' are enough to bring a team together and really enjoy the place they go to work. 

Check out the article. It's got some seriously enjoyable gif's in it. More enjoyable if you're an animal video fan and/or a Friends fan...