I've literally just had this thought like the first wave of nausea you get before changing another person's baby's nappy. What's my thought today?

My thought is how enormously bizarre we all actually are when using our smartphones, portable devices and whatever else you fancy tapping away on. Why on earth do we feel the need to physically type out our laughter? I've never pondered over this before, I mean, why would I? Unfortunately this now means that I am completely baffled! It's left me rethinking everything I thought I already knew about the human race and my brain is thinking thoughts I didn't know it had (exacerbation). 

I, myself, use 'haha' if I find something funny because naturally, like most human beings, I feel the need to type out my laughter because it's entrenched into the deepest, darkest mountains of my social soul. I literally can not stand when people use 'lol' though. It is one of the most afflictive things you could ever wish to send me. No one is actually laughing out loud when they type 'lol' are they? 'Lol' is quite frankly just a filler for when someone says something too boring to reply to, but you don't want to be rude by ignoring them so you just type 'lol' instead. The only time the use of 'lol' is acceptable is:

A. If your older relative that doesn't understand technology/social media/how to work an iPhone uses it to feel more 'down with the kids'

B. If it is used in a thoroughly sarcastic way and the sarcasm is recognised by all parties involved 


Why do I use 'haha'? When I scroll down my girls Whatsapp group, it is completely covered in 'hahahaha' or 'haha' or 'ha' or 'aha' - depending on the level of humour created by the topic of conversation at hand. 

Is it just me, or is typing out our laughter marginally worrying behaviour? Is there cause for concern here? Why can't we just laugh to ourselves? Why do we need to confirm that something someone said online was funny by composing our laughter in written form? I mean, can't we just say 'that was funny was that' or 'you're a funny man Bill you really are'? You don't get this in real life do you? Can you imagine if we all spoke our written laughter at say, a Jimmy Carr show? LOL LOL LOL HAR HAR HAR. Kill me now. 

I'm now thoroughly confused about what we've all become. How has it come to this? I include myself. I love a 'hahahaha'. It's so emotive. It makes me happy. Why God why?