I'm not even talking about lunch here. We have some pretty sporty guys in our office who are CONSTANTLY eating. Literally all the time. Very healthy food mind but I'm not sure they ever get full. 

This new £10K desk is a hilarious idea but I'm sure it must encourage and increase laziness to some degree. Personally, I think it's really important for your health to take time away from your desk in the day, even if it is to go and prepare or grab some lunch. I am always in the office and rarely out, especially when we are in the events low-season, so I make a point of taking some time out and away from my seat. It's hard when you're busy but your health is far more important. 

I could bang on about the health risks of staying static all day but I think we all know about them so I won't waffle like I normally do. Anyway check this out, it is actually quite a good little invention: