This is exactly what happened to me, although my working life was never meant to flow down this particular estuary. At least not according to my childhood aspirations for bridal design success, something I spent 5 years pursuing until I decided that the passion had dissipated into the abyss and I was staring down the shaft of a needle-embossed tube at a pile of cheap polyester satin and a couple of (irritatingly) broken Quick Unpicks whimpering in the corner.  

I barely had a millisecond to truly bask in the undeniable joy of my newly-created personal blog as a fresh hobby before it became my real-life, paid job. Looking back, I was extremely lucky, and I owe that opportunity to a couple of lads from Kent (they aren't lads, they are WELL old) but in a rare instance, my job has now become my hobby. I actually love it. No BS. I'm not just saying it to appease the Kent contingent either. If anything, I usually spend most of my working tormenting them to the verge of insanity. 

For a start, I bloody love the word 'hobby'. It's one of those words that fosters curiosity when you read it too many times. Do you know what I mean? You grow to admire its weirdness, the weirdness that never seemed weird before. It's like when you think about a common word or name, like, say, 'James'. It begins to slowly sound like an estranged word. Another language. A lingual gift from an alien in a far, far galaxy. A different word to the one you used before when your mind was vacant of meddlesome thought. Then you say to Craig, 'Craig, isn't James a weird word?' and he looks at you like you've got deep-rooted issues, a regular occurrence I assure you. Waffle? I know you know what I mean. I know you know I know you know. 

So the article below - the reason for the article I am currently writing (obviously) -  is talking about Brits who seek to convert their favourite pastime their full-time job.  So I clearly, accidentally did it the other way round, but it's what everyone wants by the sound of LIFE. It's like when you're chatting to someone you don't know that well (and not just nodding and smiling), and they turn their attention to their interests. It's always 'I LOVE baking, I'd love to open a bakery one day', but you know, it doesn't always happen that way does it, and you appreciate the love they clearly have (and continue nodding and smiling like you genuinely care).

In answer to the question I asked in the title, 'What happens when your job becomes your hobby?', you actually start to turn pretty nutty. Like an almond magnum. You're so passionate about what you're doing and you have an opinion. You are no longer the 'yes' person you once were. You're more like a 'erm, well, you see, it's like this, erm, yeah, NO!' kind of person. You just know. You know stuff. You know what you like and what you don't. You're a bit braver than you were before.

Check out the stats below. I need to stop writing this article before I have no more writing powers left for the WRITING commitments in my life. I'm so dramatic. Au revoir: