I absolutely SHOULD NOT! I came across this article which cites male recruiter, Bruce Hurwitz, claiming that women who wear their engagement rings to interviews are hindering their changes of getting hired. Apparently, in Bruce's (god-awful) view, the appearance of an engagement ring renders a woman 'high maintenance' and 'unavailable'. 'Unavailable'? Why on earth should a business be looking for female employees who are available? 

In this article by Andrea Romano, she explains that she is shocked given the issues we already face surrounding gender, sexual harassment and the pay gap, that one would even consider dispensing this kind of jobseeking advice to women. 

I have to say, I wrote a very long blog on this just now, but I'm just not even going to go there. I could write all day about how horrifying I find this man's views, but I just figured you can read it for yourself. I'm proud to wear my engagement ring and I don't take it off for anybody! If an employer won't hire me because of it, I would not want to work for them in the first place. 

Read it in full - you will be shocked I assure you: