A huge breakthrough for ecommerce that I was completely unaware of - the Amazon 'Dash' button. The Amazon 'Dash' service has just launched in the UK in partnership with the likes of P&G and Nestle (so far). 

To describe it in short, let's take your washing machine. It's a button that you can place on your appliance that once hit, automatically reorders your detergent for you through Amazon. It's the ability to quickly reorder items from anywhere within your home, eradicating the need to log on to the internet and browse online shopping sites. I'm not aware of all the ins and outs of the 'Dash' service, but thought this was a really interesting move by Amazon and I definitely want to get one! For £4.99 it's so worth it, even if just to have a little fun tech in the home. I presume they have an app attached to it so that you can adjust your products accordingly, otherwise I can imagine you'd need a button for every single item which would be stupid. It's also probably not that child-friendly too - I can imagine a few surprise orders due to liberal little fingers!