I sat in on a talk yesterday at In-house Recruitment LIVE! by an employer branding professional, who was speaking about the correlation between retail and recruitment (which is a lot stronger than you might think) and one of the topics he discussed that particularly stuck out in my mind was social media and business. 

'Choose one platform and do that well' was his advice and it completely made sense. Sometimes, marketers and perhaps, non-marketers, panic about the need to be on EVERY single social media platform because that's what they think valuable social media is, but actually, it's the worst way to go about building brand presence online. Never spread yourself too thinly when looking to build your social media presence - start with one and grow in relevance once you've established yourself on each platform. Not every platform will be right for your business, so do your research first. Who is your target audience? What is your product or service? How are your users engaging with brands online? There are a lot of things to consider, so start at the top and work your way down.