I've always found the topic of social media an interesting one! I have my own personal accounts, many of which were set up during my mid-teens and hold the bulk of my favourite memories in the form of photos and childish conversation. I do, like many people, also have my gripes with it and must confess that at times, I really do hate it! If it wasn't for the memories that haunt my Facebook page I would not now have one. 

There is absolutely no denying that the evolution of social media has completely transformed the way that we do business and especially the ways in which businesses can market themselves! Highly targeted marketing and remarketing is a fantastic example of this. The other day I had been looking up florists during my lunch break at work (wedding admin). When I sat down in the evening after dinner, I opened up Facebook to check out what the family were saying (they are always on it!), there were adverts for bridal florists all over my news-feed. It's amazing that businesses now have the ability to get themselves in front of the exact customers they want rather than the old spray and pray approach. 

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