Whenever you hear the word "procrastinate" you immediately think of time wasting or avoiding tasks, but is this always true or are there other valid reasons as to why people procrastinate? 

According to a survey conducted by Viking it seems people procrastinate for various reasons and it doesn't appear to be just blatant laziness or avoidance of work, here is what the results found out:

"48% of people said they procrastinated because they were waiting on other people's work to be completed before they could continue with their own."


"40% said they procrastinated in order to take a break and ease the stress they were feeling from work"

Apparently the average time we spend "procrastinating" each day is 52 minutes a day, which over the course of a year adds up to your finger scrolling the length of one lap of the London Marathon or you could sit through 128 football matches a year!

Other obvious reasons for procrastination were to check the latest news via Twitter, Facebook and other social outlets.Yes agreed that is a lot of time but the survey also confirms that "29% said that removing access to social media would make them less productive"

The articles also offers advice on how to be smarter with your procrastination time and how to use your time more effectively (I think we could all use some of that).

Really insightful article and well worth 10 of your 52 procrastination minutes!