Being someone that was not academic enough to go to university, I have always been of the belief that the majority of people who get a degree do not go on to get related jobs. This report by Lee Biggins, Founder of CV Library has now confirmed my hunch.

From a survey of 1,300 UK workers a staggering 57% confirmed they are in a role that has nothing to do with what they studied at university, and "41.5% of employees would change their degree if they could, while nearly half (44.3%) of workers said that they do not think degrees are worth the time and money spent"

Come to think of it, I know very few people, if any personally, who are in positions that were studied for which I find madness considering the costs for a 2/3 year course.

The findings also show the Industries where workers are MOST likely to use their degrees. No surprises to see medicine top of that list (Below).

1. Medicine (84%)

2. Arts and Graphics (71.4%)

3. Education (67.9%)

4. IT (67.6%)

5. Marketing (58.8%)

As informative and interesting as the results are it is no surprise to me. Have a read and see if you agree with the findings.