Genius move or dangerous idea? I have to say I do think this initiative is probably a tad risky. LinkedIn claims that if you opt into what they are calling 'Open Candidate', your profile will indicate that you are interested in new opportunities, but that any recruiters within your current business and its subsidiaries would be blocked from this feature on your profile. 

Despite these claims, Dan Shapero, Director of Product Management at LinkedIn Careers notes that there cannot be a 100% guarantee that your "open profile" won't fall into the wrong hands, which really could be career suicide for you, at least within your current business! 

Of course if you decide to embrace 'Open Candidate' you are more likely to be contacted by recruiters and recruiters may be more likely to hear back from you, so I guess it works on both side. However, by the same token you surely don't wish to be hounded with hoards of roles? Where can you strike a balance here? 

Read on for more information on the new feature and let me know what you think to 'Open Candidate':