I've definitely drawn inspiration for this one from both my experience of finishing university (a few years ago now!) and my eldest niece who is battling the final year of a chemistry degree. 

One thing that I felt I lacked during the final few months of my degree was any real guidance regarding a career. Having done a placement year but deciding against the industry, I felt a little bit lost. Like most, I just presumed I'd get a job but it wasn't that easy. Undertaking a vocational degree then deciding not to wonder down that path seemed not unlike deciding to divorce (obviously on a much lesser scale and nowhere near the level of stress!) I'd devoted 5 years of my life to design but I truly felt I wouldn't be happy with a career in Fashion. I didn't realise it at the time but it took balls to turn my back on it, and it's a decision that I most definitely do not regret. 

What I really needed was someone to guide me and give me options. I was totally clueless. I would spend nights searching for entry level positions in any industry and in any discipline. I had no direction whatsoever. The real world had shocked me and the pressure to get out of my sleepy North Yorkshire village was almost too much to bear. The truth is, there were many things I could have done to improve my employability post-graduation, so I've listed a simple 7 of them here. Call it a helping hand: