When I first started searching for a job post-university, I was very thorough with my preparation and the interview was something I did a lot of research on I mean, let's face it, I had the time!

Obviously, I had all the hours in the world to research and equip myself for what I was hopeful would be a flurry of interviews. It wasn't so much flurry. I'd liken it more to a minute dribble! A pathetic drop in what I imagined would be a vast ocean of opportunity - that was the reality of the post-graduate jobseeking experience for me in any case. 

Part of my in-depth preparations involved noting down every possible interview question I could think of, scribbling down my answer then praying I'd remember it. As ridiculous as this process sounds, it actually helped me when it came to my singular interview (it was actually an assessment day so interviews galore). I was confident. I couldn't have been more prepared. 

Now, despite all of this 'revision', nothing could have prepared me for the appearance of a curveball interview question. Luckily, I didn't get one, but what would have happened if I had? Check out this article which contains my Director, Simon Lewis' top 20 interview questions and why he asks them. Sometimes the reason behind a question isn't as obvious as you think it is and actually, sometimes you can't answer it correctly even if you try!