Digital pretty much makes the world go round and it seems employees are being held back by lack of investment and access within their business. I feel like there is an air of stubbornness still with employers and they do not want to allow their staff access to all the digital channels available.

In my opinion I think that the UK need to act quick or faced being left behind it is shocking to hear that only "£109 is being spent on Training" per employee on what I believe to be one of the most vital skills of the modern working age. The Digital world is moving at lightning pace and will not slow down any time soon. Investment in staff training is a must to ensure your company is keeping up with the pace and this is will also ensure you retain a happy work force who will work more efficiently with digital tools needed.

This article from Kate Smedley at Advorto sums up my thoughts but also goes into much more granular detail with some very strong and much needed advice for employers.

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