Time to hire seems to be one of those problems that lots of companies do not seem to be able to fix. I personally do not see how it takes up to 4 weeks to get a person into a business. If you like a candidate and all parties agree, then why can't a decision be made within a few days?

From my experience, I believe a big problem is the ATS system. Most I have come across have a long winded process that seems never ending, is outdated and quite frankly more hassle than any job could possibly be worth. The candidates of today do not want to jump through as many hoops. Admittedly, ATS systems are getting better and more intelligent and eventually there will be a system that works for everyone but currently, I still find them a hindrance.

Kate Smedley of Advorto explains the full process and time taken with each stage and it does make for an interesting read. Kate does eventually go on to offer the services of the company she works for but the info she provides makes lots of sense.