Ah, the office Christmas party. As I write this, the excitement is slowly mounting in the OMJ office as the Christmas party beckons this evening! Another year, another part-A-y so they say. This will be my 3rd OMJ Christmas party, but this one will be like no other. Collaborating with our friends over at SOLA Group, this year's shindig is set to be the best one yet, but what happens when it all goes wrong? 

Christmas party etiquette, I mean, it's a tough one and it certainly depends on your organisation and culture. The Christmas party can be a breeding ground for disasters and don't even try to deny it. Personally, I've consistently escaped disaster at OMJ, but for some it can be a total nightmare. Arrests. Affairs. Impromptu strip shows. Bodily functions, the list could spiral out of control but where would that get us?

I found this through a simple Google search - How To Behave At The Christmas Party. If you think you might let yourself down and if you don't want to wake up wondering which London Borough you've ended up in, unable to find out because your phone is teetering along the shores of the Thames and you don't dare wake up the beast you've found yourself next to, check yourself: