A job is not dissimilar to a relationship. It requires the same level of care and attention that you should give to your other half, and sometimes, you need to spice things up a little! Honeymoon periods for most couples wane, but they don't have to and actually, in some cases, they don't at all. So how do you apply this to your job? 

If you took on a role and did the same thing every day for two years, of course you're going to get bored. How could you not? 

The comparison between one's job and one's relationship only really works for a clean relationship of course. When I say clean relationship, I mean, single boy meets single girl before both deciding 'oh we like each other let's be together'. Simple and usually pretty drama free. 

The comparison however, does not work for all nature of relationships, especially those born out of infidelity because actually, the job market is a total cheat. It's pretty ruthless. The recruiter doesn't care about the thoughts and feelings of a candidate's current employer. It's like they don't exist. As a job-seeker, you're not going to go looking for a new job all the while giving your current employer a running commentary of your plans are you? Cheating in the job-seeker world of this nature is totally acceptable. Some parties might be hurt or sad, but it's a process. It's very normal. Turn both parties into three people (one probably unknowingly) trapped in the triangle of an extra-marital affair and that's not cool at all. 

Prevent the affair in your current role by paying it a little more attention. Nurture what you have and do everything you can to keep yourself excited. You spend the majority of your time at work, so the least you can do is LOVE it. Of course, this is easier said than done, and if you seriously hate your job and your place of work, by all means get out. I was lucky enough to be able to completely transform my role at Edge and I continue to transform it year-on-year. That's excitement and it certainly keeps me motivated. Check out these 5 points to give your job a little relationship TLC: