Apparently 3 in 5 of us are planning on it so why should you consider quitting your job in 2017? 

The job market is alarmingly fast-paced. Long gone are the days when people remain with the same company for 10 years or more. You'd be lucky if you manage to keep a millennial in a role for more than 12 months in the current climate, but maybe they are onto something with all their chopping and changing? 

So many people settle. They settle for what's easy and for what they know, but if a role isn't giving enough back, perhaps it's time to move on for your own sanity. Year-on-year you should be learning new things, bolstering your skill-set and pushing yourself out of the cocoon of your comfort zone. If you're not, why do you stay? 

Check out my first blog of 2017 where I've detailed just 5 reasons why you should quit your job this year and find something decent: