Fancy it? The British are a nation of wannabe nomads and budding travelers. There always seems to be a taste in our mouths for that next sublime travel experience, so why not combine those cravings with your career? 

The majority of my closest friends have indulged their inner adventurer over the course of the last five years and I currently have friends working and living in Dubai, Australia, New York and Norway. That's a pretty decent spread isn't it? I think they're doing it the right way. They are immersing themselves into these new and exciting places like locals - living and working. Abandoning your job for a years worth of budget travelling is a huge risk to take when you're in the process building the foundations to your REAL adult life. 

Switzerland has topped the table for the 2nd year in a row and it's not difficult to see why when you take everything into consideration. Paying almost double the global average for expats, the combination of stunning scenery and an exceptional work-life balance makes Switzerland an easy win. Ever considered it? 

You might be reading this whilst itching for your next move, so check out this article for a bit of food for thought: