There is a distinct lack of this kind of recruitment content online, and if there's a secret library of it hiding somewhere, I'd love the link. People are either moaning about bad candidate experience or moaning about bad candidates. Either way, we very rarely think beyond the candidate and the secret lengths they've gone to to simply take a call in the first place.

It's draining for a start. Most candidates are conducting their search whilst still in full-time employment and as most of us know, searching for the right role for ourselves is a full time job in itself. It has to be! Where we work and what we do is so important. Calling candidates during the day is another one. It's highly inconvenient for people. I've had a couple of experiences at Edge where a recruiter has called the main company line and lied about who they are before getting through to me and pitching a role. It's instantly off-putting. For me, they lose all credibility when they do this because it lacks tact and common sense and it definitely separates the bad recruiters from the exceptional ones. It's so important to consider the candidate during every stage of the recruitment process, because the entire process from application through to offer can be an incredibly difficult time for a candidate. Great recruiters do this. They have empathy with their candidates and they're considerate. 

The truth is, candidates rarely describe the struggles they go through in order to make themselves available and complete applications for jobs. Check them out below and click on the link for the full article: