This is an interesting one because recruitment as a career, really isn't for everybody but many people just 'fall into it' - probably more than most professions. To be a good recruiter requires a very particular set of skills, just like any other job. When it is for you and you really gel with it, it's a brilliant career path, but there's always people who accidentally fall into it and don't see their time in recruitment as a long term career for themselves, which is also fine. 

So what do you? It's always a risk moving onto something new, especially if you've got a good few years of alternative experience under your belt, but with recruitment, your skills are highly transferable (they REALLY are!). The Undercover Recruiter names it's top 9 as:

  1. PR 
  2. Account Management
  3. Events Planner
  4. Loan Officer
  5. Career Counsellor 
  6. General Counsellor
  7. HR Manager 
  8. Real Estate Agent
  9. FBI Agent 

Check out the article to find out why...