When you work as an employee, your vision rarely extends further than that of your role and what it is that you're meant to be doing to contribute towards the wider successes of the business. This will especially ring true for employees of large companies who probably don't have an awful lot to do with the CEO/Managing Director/Founder or whatever it is they might be calling themselves. 

As an employee of a smaller business and someone who has had the pleasure of slowly watching it grow, my view extends far beyond what it is that I am doing on a daily basis. Having a little more knowledge about what it's like to own and run a business definitely encourages me to think differently in the way that I conduct myself as an employee. I believe that across our workforce internally we handle business matters with integrity, we're conscientious, sensitive, and we all really care about protecting and promoting the needs of the business.

I think it's really important for employees in all businesses to have a little empathy (if that's even the word) with the boss and an understanding of the stresses that naturally come with running an organisation, not to mention the things they had to go through to get it to the point where they are employing YOU. 

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