I hate it personally. It's completely thrown me and I'm struggling to navigate my way around the site because they've just gone and changed it all! I don't doubt that I'll warm to it and get used to the new features, but for now, I'm missing the old version. 

I think that visually, it's great. This scenario is no different to every time Facebook used to change their design. We hated it at first but gradually, over time, you forget what the old version was like because you become so used to the update. I'm praying to God that this happens with the new LinkedIn design because as it stands, it's not an enjoyable user experience in my opinion. 

I've included the video they've produced to help you understand all the new features, but I remain unsure. I've also heard that you can't use Boolean search anymore which could spell a total nightmare for recruiters. 

What do you think about it? Good or bad?