Beginning a job hunt is probably the most difficult part and finding time to sit down and update your CV to a high standard is nothing less than a chore. It's the kind of chore that you find a million ways to procrastinate from and will take any excuse to leave it another day. Unfortunately, updating your CV is a chore that virtually always needs to be done if you have any hopes of landing yourself a decent job. 

People talk about LinkedIn profiles being the new CV's, but I don't think we are quite there yet. Not every professional on LinkedIn uses it to make themselves visible to prospective employers and recruiters and not everyone understands what the platform can really do. Some LinkedIn profiles are barely complete and most don't contain the critical information that your CV usually displays in order to portray you in the right way. 

What information? 

Your employee 'added value'. Figuring out how to add this onto your CV can prove a challenge. Perhaps you've never even thought about how you add value before. 

This article from the Undercover Recruiter details some of the achievements you may well be able to demonstrate but haven't thought about yet and how to add them onto your CV: