Hey guys. It's me. Taylor. Does working from home mean you are lazy and slacking? Or does it mean you have more time to do the things that bring balance and health to your lifestyle, without sacrificing your work? 

If companies that offer flexibility and home working opportunities don't trust their employees to actually get the work done, then why offer these perks at all? Or, more importantly, why employ someone you don't trust in the first place? 

More businesses are offering flexibility on working hours and where you get the work done, and from what I can see (there are always exceptions) it seems to have a positive impact on the employees who understand that they are lucky to have this option, do not abuse it and get their work done. 

In my opinion, a happy worker is a better worker. And I feel businesses are starting to realise salary isn't everything. Balance is the real perk people want. 

Anyway, I'm going back to sleep for a few hours.