I love this article. As fantastic as social media is, its so important to remember that nothing can replace a real life conversation and there is a very thin line between having an interest in social media and actually being addicted to it. 

Without a doubt if you were to ask anyone if they're addicted to social media they will straight out tell you that they're not. But if you were to tell them the number of just how many times a day they check their social over and over and over again and take a peek at their phone to see if they have any notifications they would definitely be shocked. 

I do think some people are more influenced by the side effects of social media than others but it still can have a major impact on the way people communicate and can make us more withdrawn in social situations. 

I'll put my hands up and say that I'm always on my phone but when i'm with friends or family especially I do make a conscious effort to put my phone away or pay as little notice to it as I can. This is important and we should all try and take note from this article where we can.