A lot of these make sense, and the first point in particular is one that I absolutely have to live by in my job. Focusing on one thing at a time is personally the only way I can get anything done! My fingers are in A LOT of pies here at OnlyMarketingJobs and I don't just work on one brand, so it's very important that I am able to pick things up and put them down as and when I need to. The only way I can really do that is by compartmentalising and that's not just the work, it's everything. The emotions attached to the work, the stresses, the worries. 

I made a New Years resolution to myself this year, to leave work at work. All of it. So far I've been successful and I am a much happier person as a result. Not that I don't enjoy what I do because I do, but when the lines between work and your personal life become blurred you know it's time to make a change. It's all about priorities and prioritising properly. Check out the rest of the points in this article on reed.co.uk to help you be more productive at work: