It's true. Why are businesses so obsessed with ping pong tables as an employee happiness and retention tool? Fair, I don't mind a game of ping pong but it wouldn't sway my decision for anything. This article isn't really about ping pong tables either. 

Retention is about so much more than sticking some form of physical gaming capability into your office. It's about giving people a reason to stay and making an offering that an employee simply doesn't wish to live without. The truth is, you're unlikely to ever please everyone, because what floats one's boat may sink another's. But what you will end up with is a workforce that is culturally well-aligned and ultimately pretty damn happy. Think about it.

Not all perks need to be super expensive. Employees will appreciate the small things more often than not; flexible working, extra holiday, free snacks (because really, a packet of biscuits isn't breaking the bank!).

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