I seriously enjoyed coming across this article this morning! In our old office (in the confines of an old Leather Market) we had the privacy and freedom in which to catch a few winks if we needed them. In our personal time of course. A couple of times I used the peace and sparseness of the office at lunchtime to catch up on 20 minutes of sleep. Granted these naps were at times when I'd had very little sleep the night before and not tactical, but why shouldn't we take naps at work?

It has become such a taboo subject now and I'd feel wrong napping in our new offices. With a constant flow of guests it would simply be inappropriate, but if one needs a recharge why is it deemed so terrible to get much needed shut-eye during the day? 

Indeed it's not taboo in some businesses, quite the opposite actually. Some have even gone to the extent of installing sleep pods which I think are possibly one of the best ideas EVER. I'd love it if we had a sleep pod here! I remember being at uni where I had an afternoon nap everyday as standard. Ah the good life. I should have been a cat. 

This article discusses quite seriously why we should nap at work and how to get away with it if it's totally unacceptable in your office: