This article got me thinking about the 'office romances' I've witnessed during my short career and I have to say, most of them are more scandalous  than they are epic love stories. Don't get me wrong, we've had an OMJ marriage and everything but I do think that's the exception, not to mention the fact that we have no internal relationships occurring here (to my knowledge).

Most office relationships I've been aware of have not started off on the best footing and are usually secretive affairs that everyone seems to know about despite the fact that they're conducted under military precision. Even if those two people have been single they still feel the need to hide their romance and more often than not, they've been indulging in eachother's company behind the backs of their partners (oh stop you know I know you're thinking it!). I completely understand that some extremely corporate businesses don't tolerate this whatsoever, but most modern smaller businesses are pretty chilled on the internal shabongle front. However, this in turn becomes a TOTAL SCANDAL. It's like Christmas Day in offices when internal romances strike up. I don't really know why, but I guess it's a mutual interest for everyone on the outside. A form of employee bonding (not literally) perhaps? 

It's fair to say that most office dalliances I've been aware of have amounted to very little in the end. Apart from my lovely friends at Forest Recruitment. They've been extremely lucky! How can you tell/does anyone really care? No, probably not.

What do you think?