This article is probably the most relevant one I could put out to you as it is extremely relevant to the industry I work within.

The article in question comes from the guys over at Agency Central and it focuses on job ads and through research what are deemed to be the perfect length.

Working within the job board industry myself I see all types of job ads, war and peace versions, short informative bursts and even one liners. No one really has much direction when it comes to what is the right length...until now!

I think it should be common sense that people will more than likely not read a job spec that is 3-4 pages long maybe even less than that. But it seems there is a Goldilocks of job adverts and that is between 500-749 characters, this was based on 388,281 applications made.

I am very confident there are many-a-In-house recruiter that would find this information invaluable.

To check out the full break down of findings please read the article below.