I am a big fan of Facebook challenging LinkedIn in what could be the biggest battle for the ultimate worldwide careers platform since social media jobseeking began. 

Even though I work within the job board industry and this could, ultimately, have an impact on my industry, I am really against any one company having the monopoly because once they feel they have their market cornered, they start to take advantage. I am sure most would agree that LinkedIn's latest changes and ridiculous price structure has frustrated and angered lots of professionals, particularly professionals within the recruitment industry.

Facebook becoming more professional has never really been taken too seriously, mainly because it has been seen as a sanctuary away from people's working lives and to mix the two would be against what Facebook was created for.

However things are changing fast within the world of social media and the lines are becoming more and more blurred. I personally feel the time is right for Facebook to enter the professional space providing it is done as a separate thing. The last thing people want is for jobs to be constantly rammed down their throats.

Will be very interesting to see how this unfolds!