Hey guys. It's me. Taylor. I agree with nearly everything written in this article, however as i was reading along a couple of things crossed my mind.

The first is that articles such as these are often written by Americans, it appears flexibility and work/life balance is really catching on in the states and taking up an important role, the same can be said with Australia. 

Which made me also think the UK may be behind the times in this respect. I feel (correct me if I'm wrong) that most companies have old fashioned traditions about work and the work place, the only companies breaking out of this mould are young culture start ups such as social chain and Yourfeed. Which again, doesn't really make sense to me, everyone whether that's 'millenials' or 'baby boomers' wants the best possible balance between work and home do they not?

Few companies are trying to break the traditional way of 8:30 - 6pm office work life, but why not? Is it a fear to try? lack of trust? Or possibly a case of if it's not broken don't fix it.